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World Design Battle offers designers, engineers, architects, etc the opportunity to present their work at the Dutch Design Month in Rotterdam to an interested audience from the Netherlands and abroad. Our mission is to present each year the best permanent solutions.

The World Design Battle 2018 challenges team members or alone to formulate a pioneering answer to one of the questions below and thus contribute to solving a global problem. There is no limit, everything is possible, you determine the outcome!

Q1. How can we make our lives robot-proof? more info

Q2. How can we prevent oil spills? more info

For whom?

The competition is open to designers from all over the world.

  • Join alone or form a team of up to 4 participants together with colleagues or friends
  • Participants must be older than 18 years of age


The deadline is September 30, 2018


Participants can register online via the registration form.

To prepare

To get a good entry, we ask participants to read the following:

  • Try to understand the question;
  • Re-formulate the demand for your own field;
  • Research different solutions;
  • Select your best idea and develop a prototype;
  • Work out your answer further;
  • Make a catchy and convincing presentation of your idea and how it can change the world.

Rounds and Criteria

Round 1 (1 June – 30 September)
The first round starts on 1 June 2018 and ends on 30 September 2018 at 23:59:59
hours. During this round there is the possibility per participant (individual or group up to
max. 4 people) to hand in one idea.

During the first round, the entries will be judged on.
1. Having a profile.
2. The delivery of a maximum of 3 images and 1 A4 text.
3. The age (participant or the youngest member of the group) of at least 16 years.
4. The participants are natural persons.
5. The general terms and conditions have been agreed
6. The submission has been submitted via: www.worlddesignbattle.com/enroll

Round 2 (30 September – 15 October)

Subsequently, after 10th deliberation of the jury, the 10 nominees will be on October 15, 2018
will be announced. The 10 nominees will then be awarded from 15 October to
November 15, time to perfect their solutions / design. From 1
November the ten nominated solutions / designs are also on the website
www.worlddesignbattle.com and www.dutchdesignmonth.com.

In the second round, the entries are judged on the basis of:
– Product
To what extent is the chosen solution and / or the made product / design a logical one
and original answer to the question “How can we make our lives robot proof?” or “How
can we prevent oil spillings? ”
– Planet
To what extent is the solution and / or the made product / design for the whole
world applicable / employable and to what extent is it sustainable for both people,
animals as well as plants.

Round 3 (15 November 10: 00-12: 00)

The third round is on November 15 from 10: 00-12: 00 in Huis der Zotheid. The 10
participants then get 5 minutes each time to convince the professional jury of their
winning idea. The order is determined based on the order of submission
(round 1). At 13:00 the three finalists will be announced

During the third round, the designs will be added to the evaluation criteria of the
first and second round also assessed on the following aspects:
– Price
What does the chosen solution and / or the made product / design cost it?
large scale worldwide.
– Promotion
To what extent does the story associated with the chosen solution and / or the made surprise
product / design the jury in originality, simplicity and feasibility.

Round 4 (15 November 19: 00-21: 00)

In the last round on November 15, the last three finalists will receive the 19:00 to
21:00 every 30 minutes to their pioneering ideas on an original and
creative way to present to the jury and the public. The order is determined
by lottery.

During the fourth round, the designs are next to the above
assessment criteria also assessed on the following aspects:
– Process
How and for what period can the chosen solution and / or the made product /
design introduced / used?
– People
What does the chosen solution and / or the made product / design solution deliver?



Date Event
First Round
1 June 2018 Opening Registration
1 June 2018 Announcement contest
30 September 2018 Deadline sign up ideas
Second Round
1-7 October 2018 Reviewing
8-14 October 2018 Selecting
15 October 2018 Announcement 10 nominees
Third Round
16 Oktober 2018 Publication 10 nominees on website Dutch Design Month
15 november 2018 10:00-12:00 5 minutes presentation 10 nominees
15 november 2018 12:00-13:00 Review 3 finalists
15 november 2018 13:00 Announcement 3 finalists
15 november 2018 19:00-21:00 30 minutes presentation 3 finalists
Winners and Presentation
15 november 2018 21:15 announcement jury ratings
23 December 2017 21:30 announcement of audience ratings
23 December 2017 21:45 announcement and distribution
Winnaar World Design Battle 2018
1-31 December 2018 Designers In Residence


Members of the jury are:


On November 15, the jury will give the ratings for the three finalists at 21:15. The outcome remains secret until the audience has given the ratings at 9:30 PM. At 21:45 the jury makes the big winner known after calculating the weighted average – with the figure for the audience being 40% and the professional jury’s rating for 60%.


The winner of the World Design Battle 2018 wins:
1. a Designer In Residence program for a person in Rotterdam.
2. an interview (half page) in the Dutch Design Month 2018 newspaper.
3. an own stand during the Dutch Design Month EXPO 2018.
4. a solo TV interview for DDM TV
5. a group radio interview for DDM Radio
6. A book voucher of € 250 from Het Boekenhuis

Other Finalists
The two remaining finalists win:
1. an own stand during the Dutch Design Month EXPO 2018.
2. a group interview (quarter page) in the Dutch Design Month 2018 newspaper
3. a group TV interview for DDM TV
4. a group radio interview for DDM Radio
5. Each a book voucher of € 100, – from Het Boekenhuis

Other nominees
The seven other nominees win:
1. A joint stand during the Dutch Design Month EXPO 2018.
2. Each a book voucher of € 50, – from Het Boekenhuis

More information?

If you have any questions. Then contact Erik Van Loon on 06 3826 5666